No matter the reason your loved one went to the hospital, they return home equipped with an array of instructions, medications and follow-up appointments, requiring a lot of attention to detail. Patients are leaving the hospital sooner than ever, and following the instructions has become vital to your loved one’s future health. If they are still recuperating, and you can’t be with them 24/7, how well is this recovery stage going to go? It’s no surprise that about 20% of discharged seniors are re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days, frequently with a different condition than that of their original admittance. So any hospital stay, no matter how minor or successful, can impact your loved one poorly after discharge. Falls, missed medication, and missed meals are just the start. A Casa Companion Home Care Aide can help you keep recovery on track.

Meal Preparation

A Casa Home Care Aide can prepare the meals for a recuperating patient, making sure that your loved one is eating regularly, no matter their physical limitations or energy level. But recovering from some surgeries require a special diet, which a Casa Companion Home Care Aide can plan and prepare. Cancer patients, of course, lose their appetite during treatment, but a Home Care Aide can spend the time creating a tempting diet that avoids certain foods and includes foods that will fuel a return to full strength.

Follow-Up Care

Your loved one will have a full schedule of follow-up appointments with doctors, and in the case of surgeries and stroke, rehabilitation therapists. A Casa Home Care Aide can drive your loved one to these important appointments, and even attend along with them to take notes. When 40% – 80% of medical information delivered in a medical appointment is forgotten, and much of the rest is remembered incorrectly, having an objective listener in the room can make all the difference.

Medication Management

After a hospitalization for surgery, stroke, and heart events, patients often return home with a strict regimen of medication. A Casa Home Care Aide can ensure that your loved one takes their meds on time, with or without food as appropriate, and in the correct amount. Also, a Home Care Aide can watch carefully for side effects, interactions, and other negative impacts.

Post-Treatment Supervision

A Casa Home Care Aide can watch your loved one daily, weekly or 24/7 if necessary for signs of relapse, infection and excessive pain. Close care and supervision after release from the hospital is the best way to ensure that your loved one doesn’t return to the hospital.

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