When you are integrating home care into your family and into the life of your loved one, you want to engage just the right amount of help. Private duty home care is your custom resource for the exact kind of assistance you, your family and your loved one need – no more, no less. Whether you need just a little bit of extra assistance at home or complete 24-hour care, we can customize a care plan for you through one of our caring and compassionate Home Care Aides.

Casa Companion Home Care Aides offer a wide range of assistance, from ‘just a little extra’ help, allowing your loved one to maintain independence in the home and enjoy stimulating companionship. Or, a Casa Companion Home Care Aide can provide patient, compassionate, and respectful help with the activities of daily living, helping your loved one maintain their quality of life in their own home while sustaining their dignity. And when your loved needs a higher level of care, hospice care, or complete bedside care, a Casa Companion Home Care Aide can support these advanced or complicated scenarios. If necessary, Casa Companion Home Care Aides can enhance a loved one’s comfort and remaining days when those with terminal conditions no longer respond to cure-orientated care. We are ready to craft a custom care plan around your loved one’s exact needs, in the exact way that will support you and your family most effectively.

Hourly Home Care Aide

Hourly services are the perfect solution for those needing service for a particular number of hours per day. We believe in honoring our client’s ability to make their own choices in how much care should be delivered at home. For the convenience of our clients, Casa Companion Homecare Solutions does not have a minimum number of hours required like most agencies. One hour or twelve hours – you decide. A Casa Home Care Aide can help with:

  • Life’s daily errands
  • About town’ transportation
  • Shopping and necessities
  • Just a little extra help to happily maintain independence at home
  • An extra set of hands when sleep is disrupted or nighttime wandering poses a fall risk

Live-In Home Care Aide

The large majority of seniors today say they want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Even with an increased level of care, such as generally associated with Alzheimer’s disease, Casa Companion Homecare Solutions can provide the ability to stay in the comfort of home with independence and dignity while ensuring safety and comfort at all times. Having a full-time Live-in Home Care Aide will prevent the physical and emotional decline, further loss of independence and quality of life associated with moving from the familiarity of being at home.

A Casa Live-In Home Care Aide can help with:

  • Peace of mind so that family knows the loved one is never alone
  • A comprehensive and cost effective solution outside of any type of facility such as assisted living facilities and institutionalized care and nursing homes.
  • A personal, one-on-one plan of care with client lifestyle preferences in mind as opposed to a group institutional setting.
  • Keeping a loved one in familiar surroundings

Overnight Home Care Aide

Providing care during the night is the appropriate solution for those that need limited assistance during the night but want the security and comfort of knowing that a trusted Home Care Aide is there to provide support when needed.

Home Care Aides are generally there for a eight to twelve hour period. They arrive prior to bed time to help their client for bed, and depart after a good night’s rest and delivering any morning care needed. A Casa Overnight Home Care Aide can help with:

  • Preventing falls before they happen
  • Giving a sense of security and reassurance just by being there
  • Allowing a family caregiver to have a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep
  • Offering assistance to the restroom, or just company, for those that wake up during the night
  • Providing reassurance and a caring presence overnight so family caregivers both near and far can rest and recharge. Lack of sleep has dire effects on health especially when coupled with the already stressful aspects of caregiving for a family member or loved one.

24-Hour Home Care Aide

Casa Companion’s 24-hour solution is the ideal answer for those needing around-the-clock care. Even with the best intentions, it’s impossible for any family member to do it all alone. We will gather a team of reliable and experienced Home Care Aides to work two 12-hour shifts or three 8-hour shifts to deliver peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Casa 24-Hour Home Care Aide can help with:

  • Preventing falls before they happen
  • Providing home care tailored to your loved one’s level of mobility, strength and well-being
  • Supporting surgery and illness treatment, recovery and rehabilitation
  • Standing in for family caregivers whose loved ones need around-the-clock care when they can’t be there
  • Attending to loved ones with an advanced stage of a health prognosis who can’t be left unattended, need around-the-clock bedside care, or are under hospice care.

Facility Sitter Home Care Aide

While we think that home care is the best care, we are there to provide one-on-one attention wherever home may be. Home may be at an assisted living facility, a nursing home, rehab, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), or temporarily at a hospital. We will provide the same level of care and service at one’s home away from home. Services can quickly be accessed and start at the home once discharged from care. A Casa Facility Sitter Home Care Aide can help with:

  • Providing individual attention and companionship in nursing homes, rehab facilities and hospitals
  • Give private, discreet assistance with bathing, grooming and hygiene in assisted living facilities
  • Engage, connect with and entertain your loved one confined to a skilled nursing facility, hospital or other facility where staff to patient ratio may be high
  • Reducing anxiety during a hospital or rehab stay,
  • Giving one-on-one attention at a CCRC, Assisted Living or nursing home facility
  • Offering companionship, engagement or distraction when family caregivers need respite or can’t attend loved ones

Travel Care Aide

Traveling is complicated and disorienting for anyone these days, but for a loved one traveling alone, or with the family that includes small children, there aren’t always enough helping hands to go around. And if your loved one needs to move closer to family, coordinating a move and traveling at the same time can be overwhelming. A Casa Travel Care Aide can help with:

  • Navigating through hectic and crowded airports
  • Being a familiar face when traveling through unfamiliar surroundings
  • Making the entire moving process easier, including packing, shipping, traveling, settling in, and learning the new neighborhood