Home Care San Diego

Did you know that pets can help someone to stay healthy for longer, stave off depression, and even lower blood pressure? Our pets are more than just fuzzy little animals that we cuddle with, they are true companions and they enrich our lives more than we know. Having a pet can greatly enhance an elderly individual’s life but they aren’t always easy to care for. At Casa Companion Home Care Solutions we make keeping your pet a lot easier. We provide home care in San Diego, and pet care is just one of the many services that we provide.

There is an endless amount of benefits to pet ownership. Studies have shown that spending time with our pets can stimulate our brains to release more serotonin and dopamine in the brain which will improve our moods and help us to stay calm and relax. People that own pets who suffer from heart attacks are more likely to survive longer than people who don’t. In people over the age of 65, pet owners go to the doctor an astounding 30% less than those who don’t own pets. These are just a few of the many benefits to owning a pet.

Pets make our lives so much better, but they do require a great deal of care, and for an older person it may be difficult to provide that care. Our home care in San Diego covers a wide variety of areas, and we are proud to say that pet care is one of them. Give us a call today about our home care service, and how we can help your loved one to keep the pet that they love so much.