Fall prevention is serious business, given that falls are the leading cause of accidents, injury deaths, and hospital admissions for trauma for people over 60. Twenty to 40 percent of adults over 65 who live at home suffer a fall every year. The consequences of falls can be disastrous; anywhere from 12 to 67 percent of elderly adults who fracture a hip die within one year. Fall prevention is a crucial part of caring for a loved one, and there are a few simple precautions that everyone can follow to help ensure an active old age. Maintaining a fall-proofed environment, supporting healthy balance in standing and walking with sound nutritional and health habits, and bolstering overall good physical condition are ways to keep your loved one upright and moving. A Casa Home Care Aide can help prevent falls in a number of ways by keeping the home tidy, by offering assistance to the bathroom overnight, or just by offering a helping hand around the home.

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