1. I strongly recommend them. 5 stars and beyond!

    I rarely write reviews but this is such an important decision and it’s hard to know who’s good when finding care. We had SUCH a wonderful experience with Casa Companion. Christine was responsive and helpful and she found us the perfect fit for our needs! I strongly recommend them. 5 stars and beyond!

    Molly D, Carmel Valley
  2. Highly Recommend

    This is such a wonderful company. Christine listened to our situation and how fluid it is from one week to the next. She sent the most wonderful woman to help us. At this point she primarily takes care of our home needs so I can work and tend to my husband (he is stubborn about accepting help)! This arrangement may not be typical, but she is a self-started, very observant and a doll. And by being here, I don’t get so stressed out trying to work from home (a challenge in itself), take care of him and still have to keep the house up! What a weight off my shoulders! I HIGHLY recommend Casa Companion Homecare!

    L. Emerson - San Marcos
  3. Wonderful

    Christine has been wonderful to work with. She is very professional and helpful, yet personable, warm and understanding. The people she provides for in home care are also all of the above. I highly recommend Casa Companion Homecare Solutions for any in home care needs, we couldn’t be happier with their service.

    Louise L. - Clairemont
  4. A Beacon Of Light

    Casa Companion Homecare has been a beacon of light during a very dim time in our house! Christine has worked with me to find the best schedule and tho help me know how to help myself as the only caregiver and bread-winner for my gravely ill husband. I am terrible at delegating and didn’t quite know where to start. After meeting Christine last year – before any of this happened – I knew just who to call. From the very moment Imelda came to our home, she’s practically become a family member! She’s observant, oh-so-caring and takes initiative! I completely trust her in my home in any capacity. I am completely thrilled with Casa Companion Homecare Solutions and have recommended them to others enthusiastically! You won’t be disappointed.

    Lilly E. - San Marcos
  5. Top Notch

    Our wonderful, 89-year old mom suddenly became ill and was hospitalized. We never wanted her to be scared or alone in the hospital when we ere tending to our jobs and families. My brother and I exhausted our work time off and had to go back to work full time. We found Casa Companion Homecare through a good friend. We had that personal recommendation and we called Christine. She came to the hospital, on a weekend to meet with us and assess my mom’s needs. The healthcare employees Christine employs are top notch. Caring and kind and gentle and firm about helping her get out of the hospital. The piece of mind we have is worth every dime to us. Please call Christine with your home care needs. We didn’t know where to go initially and we are glad we found Casa Companion Homecare.

    Ginny C. - Coronado
  6. The Best!

    Casa Companion Homecare is the BEST! I couldn’t be happier with the compassionate, caring service from Christine to the caregiver to the accounts receivables! Totally professional, yet warm. Having never been through any time like this where I need help caring for my gravely ill husband, maintaining our home, AND working full time (from home, thank goodness for the internet!). Christine walked me through and we worked out a great schedule, a perfect person for the job, and everything has been great ever since. SUCH a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you, Casa Companion! I am recommending you to everyone I know who might be in need or know someone who is…

    Lilly C. - San Marcos
  7. Thrilled With This Company

    I was introduced to this business by observing one of their employees. Gabriel, at a local gym, helping one of his clients. I was so impressed with his manner and work ethic that I asked for his business card. We had an assessment with Christine, the owner, and Gabriel later that week. We hired Gabriel to be a twice weekly companion for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease and PD-related dementia. Gabriel asked my husband directly what he could do to help him. The reply was: get me back on the golf course. Gabriel has taken that as his mission and has indeed gotten my husband on an executive golf course, playing a few holes each session. Gabriel acts as the caddy, driving the cart, cueing needed behavior, letting my husband go as far as he can on his won within each step of the game. I have only positive things to say about Gabriel and his ability to interact with my husband on an equal, respectful level. He asks me feedback from my husband and acts upon those suggestions. Many agencies offer the typical home-based, non-medical services. But this was the first agency I have encountered that realized the importance of companionship/away from home adventures. The first goal is client safety; after that the goal is to provide a fun experience and chance for social interaction between the client and the companion. Both my husband and I are thrilled with this company and its employee, Gabriel. We welcome them whole-heatedly to the ‘village’ that cares for my husband.

    Judi G. - Scripps Ranch
  8. Christine And Her Staff Are Wonderful

    I met with Christine a few weeks ago after interviewing a number of agencies that offer the same services. Christine’s approach from the start was impressive. She gave you a feeling that she truly cared about your concerns for your family member. After speaking with her on the phone we set up a face to face meeting at my parent’s home at a time that worked well with my work schedule. Christine sat with both of my parents and myself and we discussed a plan of action. My parent needed some time apart. We were looking for someone to spend a couple of days a week to take my father out to get some exercise and maybe go tot lunch. I met with the companion on the first visit and was really impressed with him. Christine followed up with me via email and also a phone call. She also sent me a report for me to review with all the pertinent information we had gone over regarding my father and his health., interests etc. After just three visits I received the dreaded am call from my mother – I was expecting the normal “your father is driving me crazy he is so difficult.” Instead what I got was ‘I had the best morning I have had in the past three years. Your dad is up showered, shaved, had his breakfast, is dressed and is ready for his adventure of the day.’ That made my day…as well as both of my parents’. Last week I met with Christine again and we have started a two-day-a-week companion for my husband’s aunt. It is a similar situation – she lives with her sister and they get on each other’s nerves. Today was an outing to Pala to see a free concert and then lunch. Oh what a great feeling to know I have four happy parents. Christine and her staff are wonderful. The biggest worry I had was finding someone that truly cared about the welfare of my parents. I found that comfortable feeling with Christine and her staff.

    Debbie S. - Rancho Santa Fe
  9. Extremely Pleased

    During my husband’s last illness we used one of Casa Companion’s helpers. Maria was a thoughtful, intelligent woman who gave us both so much help. She treated us as though we were her own family and was sensitive to our situation. We were extremely pleased with the help that we got from Casa Companion Homecare and would always recommend them to others in need.

    April B. - Hillcrest