Thrilled With This Company

I was introduced to this business by observing one of their employees. Gabriel, at a local gym, helping one of his clients. I was so impressed with his manner and work ethic that I asked for his business card. We had an assessment with Christine, the owner, and Gabriel later that week. We hired Gabriel to be a twice weekly companion for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease and PD-related dementia. Gabriel asked my husband directly what he could do to help him. The reply was: get me back on the golf course. Gabriel has taken that as his mission and has indeed gotten my husband on an executive golf course, playing a few holes each session. Gabriel acts as the caddy, driving the cart, cueing needed behavior, letting my husband go as far as he can on his won within each step of the game. I have only positive things to say about Gabriel and his ability to interact with my husband on an equal, respectful level. He asks me feedback from my husband and acts upon those suggestions. Many agencies offer the typical home-based, non-medical services. But this was the first agency I have encountered that realized the importance of companionship/away from home adventures. The first goal is client safety; after that the goal is to provide a fun experience and chance for social interaction between the client and the companion. Both my husband and I are thrilled with this company and its employee, Gabriel. We welcome them whole-heatedly to the ‘village’ that cares for my husband.

Judi G. - Scripps Ranch