Caring for a loved one is a difficult, rewarding and all-consuming job that many caregivers take on in addition to children, marriage and career. Small wonder, then, that caregivers are burning the candle at both ends, getting too little sleep, eating poorly, gaining weight, and at risk for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. And with all the demands on a caregiver’s time, going to her own doctor is a rare occurrence. All of these factors contribute to the high rates of depression and chronic illness suffered by caregivers. If caregivers don’t take time to care for themselves, eventually all the people who depend on them will suffer along with them. A Casa Home Care Aide provides respite care to caregivers, temporarily filling those proverbial big shoes while the family caregiver gets a good night’s sleep, eats a nutritious meal, and gets the endorphins going with some exercise. The family caregiver can trust the Casa Home Care Aide with the caregiving responsibilities while she takes a break and takes care of herself. A Casa Home Care Aide allows a family caregiver to:

  • Sleep, eat and exercise
  • Go to her own doctor
  • Take a break and re-charge

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