Allowing clients to stay at home with the help of a competent Companion keeps them out of institutional care where they can remain in a familiar and comfortable setting, while maintaining their independence and control over their care. In other words, they can ‘age in place’ and ‘age with choice.’

At Casa Companion Homecare Solutions, we are well aware of the need for independence and will make every effort to affirm their dignity and control over their care. About half of seniors not living in institutions have one or more long-lasting physical, mental or emotional condition that impairs their ability to perform daily tasks. However, despite these hurdles, seniors are reluctant to consider themselves disabled, just as they do not consider themselves old, per se.

We understand that some seniors are reluctant to have a ‘caregiver’, because they don’t need any ‘help.’ We have a perfect solution for those seniors that are reluctant to care or only need some slight modifications or assistance in order to stay home and lead productive and enjoyable lives! Our Companion Specialist Level I will not be their ‘caregiver’ so to speak, but they can be their ‘personal assistant,’ or their ‘personal chef,’ or their ‘driver.’ We will customize our care in order to maintain the confidence and dignity of our clients.

When additional care is needed outside of domestic support in order to stay at home, we have other options in such as our Companion Specialists Level II or Companion Specialists Level III. We can also offer additional hours of support such as our Live-in Service, Overnight Care, or 24-hour care.

The decision and choices are yours to make. We can be trusted to support our client’s dignity, independence, and control and quality of life.