Nothing’s more frustrating than looking around a dusty, cluttered home and feeling too ill, fatigued or weak to clean it up. When your loved one’s home produces these feelings of frustration and unhappiness, it
hinders the healing process. And if they are in a really fragile state of health, the germs that countertops, sinks and other common surfaces can harbor could present a true danger of infection. But some of the
ordinary tasks of housekeeping require strength, stamina and balance that may be out of your loved one’s reach for reasons of health, age or simple infirmity. That’s no reason for them to live in squalor or even mild dustiness when a Casa Companion Specialist will gladly perform all the tasks of light housekeeping that will bring a sparkle to your loved one’s home. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and even pet care will brighten your loved one’s environment, which has a positive impact on health and happiness.

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