Home Care San Diego

It is pretty common for us to have a desire to stay in our homes for as long as possible. It’s comforting to be among our pictures and memories, but there is a downside. Social isolation and loneliness among elderly people is more than just about mood, it can actually play a part in physical well being as well. The answer is not necessarily sending your loved one to a facility, with the help of Casa Companion Homecare Solutions we can help your loved one to stay home for as long as possible, while receiving the companionship that they need.

In a study conducted in the UK it was found that people who were lonely had a 14% greater risk of dying, and people over the age of 50 were around twice as likely to be lonely as people under the age of 50. For too many companies home care in San Diego means care for physical needs, but to us it means a whole lot more. Not only can we provide your loved one with the physical assistance that they need, but we can also provide them with the companionship that can help them to thrive. With our companionship your loved one will feel loved, listened to and cared for.

We will do more than just meet your loved one’s physical needs, we will give them the companionship that they need to flourish. For more information on the home care services that we have to offer please visit our site or contact us. Call us now to take advantage of our 15% off deal, but don’t wait this offer ends 5/31/14.