Amy Hsaio Getting Your Parents Aging Ready

In September 2020, the Daughterhood San Diego Circle members celebrated five years of support and caring for one another with Daughterhood members from across the country. The event was virtual, of course, so we recorded the informative speaker presentations, covering topics relevant to caregivers in San Diego and their loved ones. Amy Hsaio, attorney and founder of Hsiao Law, PC, shared her experience with and best advice for helping parents get ‘aging ready’, including an offer for a complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session. We’re excited to share the video of her presentation with you this week.

It’s natural to avoid thinking about incapacity, sickness, and death. Unfortunately, avoiding these difficult topics doesn’t make them go away. Denial and suppression just create anxiety and fear which lurks in the background and occasionally keeps you up at night. Through her estate planning and elder law work, Amy has realized that people with a solid plan don’t feel this anxiety. Individuals and families that plan ahead enjoy peace of mind about the future, and a higher quality of life in the present.

In her presentation, Amy

  • Acknowledges that parents and children are reluctant to discuss end-of-life issues
  • Shares her Top 10 Ways to get your parents ‘aging ready’
  • Hopes that her Top 10 Tips will inspire a productive and pro-active conversation
  • Lists the three criteria you should use to evaluate an elder law attorney to work with you and your parents

Amy Hsiao is the founding attorney of Hsiao Law, PC, a boutique law firm in San Diego focused specifically on estate planning, disability, and elder law.  Amy is a member of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) and Elder Law College.  She works with multiple generations in a family to ensure that one’s wishes are honored with dignity and quality, while keeping as much asset as possible within the family. Hsiao Law, PC is located at 4225 Executive Square, Unit 600, La Jolla, CA 92037. Amy can be reached for question or comment at 858-386-0998. You can read more about Amy, her team, and the services they offer on her website