Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrim!
Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrim!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Casa Companion Homecare Solutions. We work year round to help you have a safe, happy and harmonious home with your loved ones and caregivers, and today is no exception. We’ve brought you a cornucopia of fun, facts and (brain) food this year to enjoy as you celebrate Thanksgiving today. Here’s to turkey, taters and trivia!

It’s All About The Food

What was on the menu for the original Pilgrims in 1621? Let the Smithsonian tell you all about that first feast, and then compare today’s menu with this one:

  • Wild fowl like duck and geese – but not turkey!
  • Venison
  • Eels (!)
  • Shellfish like lobster, clams and mussels
  • Veggies like turnips, pumpkin, carrots, onion and garlic
  • Nuts like chestnuts, walnuts and beechnuts

Now you’re ready to ace this Thanksgiving food trivia quiz. Wait, how many pumpkin pies do we eat every Thanksgiving?!

The New York Times knows what Thanksgiving food best represents your state. Hint: if it’s California, it’s got to have kale!

Think the New York Times is full of, well, stuffing? Then let Google tell you what everyone else eating. These dishes are the most searched in each state, collected from Google’s search rankings. Oh Google – how did we know things before you?

Fun Facts And Brain Busters

Need some conversation starters to keep the table chatter flowing? Start with these Turkey Day fun facts from Good Housekeeping.

Then give the Reader’s Digest Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz a try.

And even more trivia. Tip: print the questions and answers, and bring them to the table with you.

Raise Your Glass

Last but not least, it’s time to raise that glass of cider in thanks. Are you making the Thanksgiving toast this year? Use these inspiring words to supplement your own.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!