casa companion homecare solutions seniors in the newsThey say the first person who will live to age 150 has already been born, and the group of people who make it into the centenarian club grows bigger all the time. As more and more people achieve the milestone of living past age 100, the rest of us want to know their secret to longevity. Lucky for us, centenarians love nothing more than giving advice about how they reached the big milestone. As caregivers and loved ones make New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, they should consider these words of wisdom from local and global centenarians.

  1. Ramona resident Mable Abbott crossed the centenarian line in December 2017 with a big party full of family and friends. When asked for the secret of her long life, she claims she has no special tricks or secrets – she simply trusts in the Lord.
  2. The centenarian and almost-centenarian residents of the Los Angeles Jewish Home made a video about their secrets to long life. Their answer? Optimism and a positive attitude!
  3. Rancho Bernardo, CA centenarian Gwen Becker celebrated the big 1-0-0 in December with a big party at the Poway Brigantine restaurant. Gwen traveled all over the world with her husband for his career, had two children, and is known for her ‘glass-half-full’ attitude. But she attributes her long and healthy life to a glass of wine every day, and the daily walking she started decades ago despite her lifelong heart condition.
  4. Mary Todisco, a 103-year-old Brooklynite, attributes her long life to staying busy and avoiding sugar. She’s a great-grandmother of 16, and is well-known for her positive attitude – despite living a sugar-free lifestyle!
  5. Theresa Rowley, a Michigan woman who turned 104 years old this month, swears by: a can of Diet Coke per day. Theresa may have the same excellent genes as her father, who lived to age 102, or a daily Diet Coke since 1982 isn’t as deadly as they say. Either way, she’s not changing her strategies now.
  6. Pennsylvania’s Helen Antkowiak Valley, who turned 100 last month, is known for her sense of humor and big heart. Helen lived through the triumphs and tragedies of the 20th century, but her secret to living a full century is simple: pierogies. She insists that good Polish food is responsible for her long life and continued good health. Na zdrowie, Helen!
  7. Feisty Frenchwoman Marie-Lou Wirth has worked as a barmaid and bartender since 1932, and though she doesn’t eat fruit, milk or yogurt, she drinks a glass of something harder every day. She’s convinced that beer, wine or alcohol every day is the secret to her longevity and good health. And it’s hard to argue with her strategy, after 100 years!