casa companion homecare solutions seniors in the newsThe nature of inspiration has changed over time, as ‘seniors’ today break barriers and set records all the time. The old rules of aging don’t seem to apply anymore, as these seniors demonstrate. This week’s seniors are taking their ‘never before’, ‘no one like me’ style to the streets of San Diego and beyond.

All around us, centenarians are achieving great things, things that previous generations would have though improbable, if not impossible. We like to bring you those kinds of stories every month, and this month is no exception. Last month, 102-year-old Kenneth Meyer of New Jersey entered the Guinness Book of World Records by jumping out of a plane over Sussex, NJ. Despite never having skydived before in his life, he’s now the oldest person to ever make a tandem sky dive! He was inspired by the previous record holder, a 101-year-old British man whose record was set only last May. His next sky dive is already planned for his 105th birthday.

Just last month we brought you the story of San Diego’s 80-and-up women’s basketball team, the San Diego Splash. The team was featured in a documentary short on ESPN, and the team’s inspiring story went viral. Well, this month we’re reporting that this group of iconic octo(-and-nona-)genarians has hooked up with another – 84-year-old sandwich spread Miracle Whip has signed the Splash to a one season endorsement deal! The team photo now shows all the women wearing or carrying Miracle Whip schwag, and some are even holding jars of Miracle Whip! As part of the deal, the Splash will get corporate backing for their girls basketball camp scholarship program, their league fees, more new brand gear for just for warming up – and of course, a plentiful supply of Miracle Whip.

And here’s another Seniors In The News update: in 2015, we told you about 92-year-old Harriette Thompson, who had just become the oldest woman to ever compete a full marathon. She ran the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon in just about 7 and ½ hours, in her 15th year competing in the race. This year, Harriette ran back into the record books, as her half-marathon finish in the Rock n Roll Marathon set another record. Now she’s the oldest woman to complete a half marathon, at age 94. You may remember that Harriette only took up running at age 76, turning her road miles into money, by raising more than $100,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Harriet doesn’t think her record will stand for long, but there’s always next year’s Rock n Roll Marathon to train for!