There are many reasons why people end up in assisted living facilities or nursing homes, and not all of them are because of  medical issues. All too often people lose their independence and their homes, when they only really need supervision and help with simple activities. We are Casa Companion Home Care Solutions, and we can help. We are San Diego’s premier source for elderly in home care.

We have the privilege of helping so many people to enjoy their homes and their independence for a lot longer than they might normally have been able to do so. We know that you have many options for in home care in San Diego, so we do a few things that really set us apart from our competition. We provide completely customized service, and we require no hourly minimum. If you only need 2 hours of help a week, you should not have to pay for 20. We know that every person is different and has completely unique needs. There is no blanket service that will work for everyone, which is why our service is ideal. We can cater to your individual needs. We are you ideal solution, whether you need an hourly companion or an overnight companion.

Assisted living facilities or nursing homes are not your only options, we can help you stay in your home and keep your independence for as long as possible. Our qualified care gives are some of the best in the business, and we have what it takes to take care of your needs. Contact us today.