November is National Family Caregivers Month

Last week, President Obama issued a proclamation that began this way: “Each day, courageous individuals step forward to help care for family members in need, their quiet acts of selflessness and sacrifice telling a story of love and devotion. Across our country, parents and children, siblings and spouses, friends and neighbors heroically give of themselves to support those in their lives affected by illness, injury, or disability. During National Family Caregivers Month, we salute the people who play difficult and exhausting roles, and we recommit to lifting up these Americans as they care for their loved ones while protecting their dignity and individuality.”

More than 60 million family caregivers provide long-term care services to family members, and companion home care services can be an invaluable support. The pressure on family caregivers is only going to grow as 78 million Baby Boomers reach retirement age, and gradually, will reach a stage where they will need assistance to remain in their homes. And of course, many of these caregivers work full time and often are raising children as well while they’re supporting the independence and happiness of their loved ones.
San Diego home care agencies like Casa Companion Homecare Solutions offer daily care, live-in care, and personal care to seniors who want to retain their independence, and respite care of all kinds to family caregivers who are caring for loved ones. Home care aides like Casa’s Companion Specialists assist clients with daily activities like bathing, dressing, grooming, and personal hygiene, and the things that make life sparkle like caring for pets, going shopping, visiting friends, and staying connected through social media and snail mail.
Christine Davies, Managing Director of Casa Companion Homecare Solutions, works with family caregivers every day and bears witness to countless inspiring acts of quiet heroism. Christine says, “Casa’s mission is to provide a service to the community that has a positive impact on the lives of others. Our way of doing this is to offer FREE training for Family Caregivers through our Family Learning Center. Interested parties can fill out this form requesting access, or email us at, and then I send them the list of more than fifty available courses and login instructions for The Family Learning Center. This is something that the company pays for to support family caregivers in the community, regardless of whether or not they are clients. It’s great for first time caregivers or those who are expecting to be caring for a loved one in the future so they have some guidance on what to do. “

While November is the month of Thanksgiving, and thus the perfect time to thank the tireless, dedicated family caregiver in your life, remember also that it’s also the start of the hectic holiday season. The gift of time, of empathy, or of knowledgeable, experienced respite care could make a huge difference in the life of someone you love, and the person they care for. If you’re new to caregiving, or would like to learn how to share the care of a loved one, please visit the Casa Companion Homecare Solutions website.