The Daughterhood Circle San Diego celebrated its fourth anniversary in September with a huge party and a powerful guest speaker. More than forty Daughters attended, sharing wine, cake and the community of their fellow caregivers. Daughterhood Circles are a place for caregivers in San Diego to share stories, resources, and laughter with one another. Wondering what that’s like? We have video of the anniversary celebration in September, and details about the next event you can attend. The Daughterhood Circle San Diego invites anyone providing home care in San Diego to the next Circle on November 21st for a ‘Chat Fest’.

The Fourth Anniversary Party on September 25th drew a huge crowd that filled the room to capacity. Happily, the festivities were captured on video, along with interviews with co-founders Karen Van Dyke and Christine Lee and guest speaker Amy Abrams, Director of Education, Alzheimer’s San Diego.

As you can see in the video, speaker Amy Abrams presented a new program called How to Become a Dementia Friend, a nationwide initiative from Dementia Friendly America. In her presentation, Amy explained why becoming a dementia friend is so important:

“[P]eople living with dementia are very socially isolated. And for a variety of reasons, some are good, some are bad. Most of us, just in our day-to-day, even if we know somebody who’s living with Alzheimer’s disease or some kind of dementia, we just don’t really know how to interact with somebody who’s got memory loss, confusion, disorientation. We’re not very good at being friends and neighbors. We’re all pretty good at being daughters and being care partners to people living with dementia, but when it comes to interacting with a stranger, someone that we don’t know? That’s really hard.”

In the San Diego home care community, current, past and expectant caregivers find kinship and connection within the Daughterhood Circle. If you’ve never attended a Daughterhood Circle before, co-founders Karen Van Dyke and Christine Lee encourage you to attend the next event, scheduled for November 21st at 6:15pm. Here’s what you can expect on November 21st:

“It’s Chat Fest time for our Daughterhood Circle.

What are Daughterhood Circles? Daughterhood Circles are small social groups that get together regularly to hang out, relax and help each other navigate caring for aging or disabled loved ones. We support and build confidence in local women in San Diego County who are managing the care of our parents and loved ones. Daughterhood San Diego was the first Circle in the U.S. started in 2015 by Christine Lee and Karen Van Dyke, and since then Daughterhood Circles have launched all over the country and has expanded internationally!

Why should you come? If you are an expectant, current or past caregiver, Daughterhood is for you. It is what happens when we put our lives on hold to take care of our parents or loved ones. Unlike motherhood, we don’t expect daughterhood. And, even if we did, it’s shocking how hard and time consuming it is. Daughterhood Circles aim the power of community and friendship directly at the challenges that come with this life phase.

What do we do? We’ll share our stories, resources, and most importantly, laughter (with wine, of course)! Connecting with incredible women (and men), we’re making the “daughterhood” journey a more meaningful one. We can do hard things….but we don’t have to do them alone. For the November 21st event, we won’t have a presenter – it will be a chat fest with our tribe to get caught up and offer support.

If you aren’t currently in the role of caregiver for a loved one but you know someone who is, please share this invite to them. They will thank you for thinking of them!

Learn more:

Questions? Email Daughterhood Circle San Diego co-founders Christine Lee and Karen Van Dyke christine[at] or karen[at]”

If you’d like to RSVP for the November 21st Daughterhood Circle, please go to the group’s Facebook event here. All are welcome!