Daughterhood.org founder Anne Tumlinson was the final speaker at the September 2020 Daughterhood San Diego Circle 5th Anniversary event. In her presentation, Anne looked back at five years of support and caring for one another with caregivers in San Diego and Daughterhood members from across the country. She reminisced about the inspiration for Daughterhood as well as its early days and connecting with Daughterhood San Diego Circle co-founders Christine Lee and Karen van Dyke. We’re excited to share the video of her presentation with you this week.

Throughout her career, Anne Tumlinson has focused on working to improve how America cares for its frailest, most vulnerable older adults, in both public service and the private sector. In her presentation, she relates how the fact that every single person who turns 65 now has a 50/50 chance of needing someone else’s help with daily living before they die has changed the face of aging. This is a new phenomenon for our society, and the journey each loved one and caregiver takes is new to them, both uncharted and unsupported. Her experience that each parent and each caregiver are reinventing the wheel convinced her that the right kind of ‘scaffolding’ was needed.

In her presentation, Anne:

  • Recalls her inspiration for the concept of Daughterhood
  • Reminisces about the early days of Daughterhood and bringing her team together
  • Shares the excitement she felt when Christine and Karen first contacted her
  • Reflects on the past five years of Daughterhood, and
  • Looks with hope at the future of Daughterhood

On her website daughterhood.org, Anne shares her thoughts on caregiving on her blog and offers resources for caregivers, including these free downloads:

Anne’s very impressive biography explains why she created Daughterhood and shared it with Circles around the country: “Anne Tumlinson leads the nation in setting the direction of aging and disability policy. She founded ATI Advisory, a DC-based research and advisory services firm that works to reform health and long-term care delivery and financing for the nation’s frail and vulnerable older adults. Anne also founded and runs Daughterhood, an online and in-person community that connects family caregivers with each other for support and information.

Anne shares her research and expertise with a wide array of policy and business leaders. She has testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Aging Committee and has appeared before the Congressional Long-Term Care Commission and the Bipartisan Policy Center. Anne advises payer, provider, and financial leaders on strategic development and growth opportunities.

She writes regularly about innovation in healthcare and aging, contributing to Health Affairs, Huffington Post, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, and Aging Media Network. Anne serves on the Aetna Medicaid Advisory Panel and the Caregiver Action Network Board of Directors and is a member of the National Academy of Social Insurance. In 2018, Anne was named an Influencer in Aging by Next Avenue.

Anne spent her early career working in government, first as a healthcare advisor to Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) and then as the lead for Medicaid program oversight at the Office of Management and Budget. She joined Avalere Health in 2000, leading the firm’s provider practice and developing business intelligence products for 14 years.”