Fun Fourth of July quizzes for caregivers companions and loved onesThis Saturday, America turns 239, and she looks great for her age! Every year, we celebrate our love for America with parades, picnics, and patriotic displays of flags and fireworks. But as with every long-term relationship, sometimes the details of our early days together can get lost in the fog of memory. So today we offer seven quizzes on different eras of American History that you can use to test your knowledge of America the Beautiful’s life story. Compare what you know against people who are studying for the citizenship test, or college students taking history exams. Have fun, share with caregivers, companions and loved ones – and let us know how you scored!

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, part of The Department of Homeland Security, offers resources in seven languages, plus large print English, to people studying for the American citizenship test. The interviewers only ask ten questions in a naturalization interview, and the applicants only have to get six questions correct – but the ten questions can be any of the 100 questions in these four quizzes. Would you pass the citizenship test?

This American History 101 test was given to 566 college seniors. If this were a graded exam, only one student would have scored 100%, 65% got an F, and only 19% earned a passing grade. So test yourself against today’s college students, and see how you do!

USA Flag with FireworksHave a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend! And please remember that fireworks can be terrifying to your pets, and Fourth of July weekend is the busiest time of the year for your local animal shelter. Keep your pets inside during fireworks time, and make sure they are chipped and tagged in the event they panic and somehow get away. Bonus: Here are some more pet safety tips for this weekend from the ASPCA.