Casa.Online Vacation Planning graphicLast week, in Caregiver Cheat Sheet: Online Vacation Planning, Part I, we covered all the ways you can DIY your vacation planning, listing all the websites that will help you pull the elements of your trip together. But what if you want to go old-school, and let someone else’s fingers do all the work? If you aren’t a control freak, or you just have too many people to coordinate sanely, then there are still options for you. This week, in Caregiver Cheat Sheet: Online Vacation Planning, Part II, we show you how you can plan a great getaway from, or with, your caregivers and loved ones with style.

Taking a vacation isn’t cheap, and more than half of us who travel this summer will spend about $1600 on travel and all those must-have accessories that go with the planning. So doing your best to save money on something is a natural instinct, but there are a couple of times when asking for help is the best way to go.

Option Two: Old-School Style

You Don’t Know Where You Want To Go

You like trying new things, and you like being surprised. The package trip never went away, and it’s better than ever. You can find packaged trips on many of the sites we mentioned last week, plus some others that aren’t travel sites at all:

All the planning is done for you, unless and except airfare is not included, and you can browse destinations without worrying about researching the history, geography and attractions of the place you’re going for hour upon hour. Or is that just me?

You Have a Big Group, A Specific Location, Or Special Requirements

Travel agents aren’t extinct, they’ve just adapted to specialized niches in the ecosystem. When every Mickey and Minnie with a laptop can book their own flight to Orlando, they don’t need a travel agent to do it for them. But if you want to ski the finest mountains in Canada? Do you know the best ski resorts in Canada? The fine agents of do, and they can plan a trip for you and the rest of the family reunion, too.

There are other kinds of niche travel agents you can work with to plan that trip for the extended family, the twenty-fifth reunion, or the wine connoisseur’s club biennial outing. These are just some examples:

No matter what your vacation style, there is a way for you to find the perfect vacation. Rest and recover is an important part of self-care for caregivers, and regular vacations are a key part of that recharging process. Caring for a loved one is a rewarding but tough job, so why make planning your vacation so much work? Use our Caregiver Cheat Sheet to plan your next trip, and make caregivers, loved ones and home care aides happy campers!