Just one of the sites in the online re-sale world

In August 2015, we showed you how to internet shop like a ninja. Now that you’ve had a few months to build your internet shopping muscles, it’s time to take a look at the world of online re-sale. Between the new trend of aggressive de-cluttering, and the consequences of consumerism, many of the things that are bought new one year are re-sold the next at a big discount. Grandparents who want to spoil, seniors who like to drive in style, and caregivers whose loved ones love movies and music can all score big online. You don’t need to go to a real-life flea market to find a diamond in the rough anymore, unless you want to! Take a look at all these things people are dying to sell you on the cheap.

Almost anything you want to buy can be found online, and it can be found used. The internet has transformed the re-sale market the same way it’s transformed the way we shop for every other item in our lives.

Treat the children in your life like the tiny princes and princesses they are without breaking the bank:

  • Clothing: tiny duds that will get food and other unmentionable substances on them don’t need to be new to be natty. If your local thrift stores and family hand-me-downs don’t make the cut, then try reseller sites like Swap.com or ThredUP
  • Toys: CraigslisteBay, and Swap.com are full of cheap but usable toys

Trick out your recliner with the money you can save on all forms of  entertainment:

  • EBay,com and thrift stores are full of books, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, or music perfect for entertaining you and your loved ones.
  • Try swap sites like Swap.comPaperbackSwap.com, SwapACD.com, and SwapADVD.com to send your oldies but goodies to someone who will appreciate them, and select new ones for yourself in return.

Household items:

  • Appliances: Yes, some household appliances are inexpensive, but used appliances are even cheaper, as they are often victims of merging households and moving sales. Try Craigslist in your area for refrigerators, washers, and dryers, plus a glut of blenders, mixers, and microwaves. Just follow the rules for safe Craigslist shopping!
  • Furniture and furnishings: rule number one is never buy a used mattress. Yuck. You do not want to know what’s in there, and you don’t want to find out after you bring it home. ‘Nuff said. However, used furniture and rugs from a consignment store or estate sale website is a wonderful way to find expensive or even heirloom pieces in your price range, cooties thankfully not included!
    • Everything But The House lets you shop estate sales all over the country
    • Local consignment shops: consignment shops in your area may put their inventory online. For example, in the SF Bay area, shoppers browse Leftovers Home Consignment online, and then call the store to purchase.

Everyone knows that new cars lose 20% of their value the minute you drive off the lot. Ouch!! You can save big and still ride in style in two ways:

  • Buy a gently used car just off a lease from a dealer, or
  • Buy from the 21st century used car lot, CarMax. CarMax will even buy your old car from you, whether you buy one from them or not. Know how much your current car is worth by consulting Kelley Blue Book, or getting a quote from CarMax before you negotiate with a dealer.

Nothing hits the wallet harder than wedding bells, and if you’re the parent or grandparent footing the bill, you have our sympathies. Get excited though, because there’s a new way to make a splash on the big day without going under afterwards.

  • The dress: rent (yes, rent!) from sites like
  • Jewels: everyone loves a Tiffany’s box, but financial responsibility is romantic too. Brace yourself, and consider the pawn shop. Your ring may have baggage, but imagine the story you can tell about it!
    • The story no one wants to tell you? Jewelry — especially diamonds — has a terribly low resale value!

Caregivers, loved ones and homecare companions can enjoy the finer things in life without overspending or over-consuming. There are many ways to find the things that make life interesting, challenging, warm, and attractive without busting your loved one’s budget.