Cannabis as medicine for caregivers and their loved ones

In September 2020, the Daughterhood San Diego Circle members celebrated five years of support and caring for one another with Daughterhood members from across the country. Daughterhood San Diego’s monthly meetings are a blend of community support, learning and resource sharing, and the anniversary event was no exception. Fortunately, the event was virtual, and so the informative speaker presentations, covering topics relevant to caregivers in San Diego, were captured on video. Elisabeth Mack, RN spoke on the use of cannabis as medicine for caregivers and their loved ones, and we share the video of her presentation this week.

It’s more and more evident that healthcare in America is broken. One in two Americans suffers from a chronic condition, ranging from chronic pain to anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune diseases and more. Physicians are still prescribing opioids, despite all the research and warnings about the potential devastating consequences of opioid use. Integrative care that includes cannabinoids boosts health and well-being by blending lifestyle medicine, science & nature. Elisabeth believes that “we need every tool available in the kit to guide patients toward a better quality of life.”

In her presentation, Elisabeth

  • Leads a conversation on how to clinically guide the use of CBD and cannabis as medicine, and why it belongs in the treatment plan for all people over age 50.
  • Covers the routes of use, the conditions that may be treated with cannabis, and the starting dosing from a case study review.
  • Summarizes the costs and best practices for shopping for safe, effective CBD.

Elisabeth has the background, qualifications and credentials to address this topic. “Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, MBA founded Holistic Caring in 2016 to bridge the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine through education, guidance, and supportive care for patients with product choices, dosages, interactions and timing to maximize outcomes. Elisabeth is an educational provider for the CA Board of Registered Nursing and professionalizes medical cannabis by equipping healthcare providers to have these conversations with patients, and to approach cannabis by emphasizing holistic and functional medicine. Elisabeth’s background includes a decade in hospitals where she specialized in psychiatry, diabetes, and medical units. Elisabeth spent the 20 years prior to Holistic Caring in operations and sales management of several health insurance carriers (RSM of Anthem Blue Cross until 2015) and believes cannabinoid medicines offer a chance at healing, comfort, and wholeness in a more holistic, economical, and empowering way. Elisabeth earned an MBA in Healthcare Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and on the Boards of the American Cannabis Nurses Association & Los Angeles NORML.”

Read more about Elisabeth, her team, and the services they offer on her website,