Best of 2019 Casa Caregivers Blog

We’re an in-home care agency in San Diego that strives all year long to give our clients “peace of mind by providing extraordinary care and service in the comfort of home.” In addition to providing quality home care in San Diego, we try to share information on our blog that caregivers in San Diego, elderly in home care, and their families will find useful and timely. This year we covered a range of health, lifestyle and social topics, and these four blog posts were your favorites! We look forward to sharing more with you in 2020! Happy New Year!

January 2019: Five Things Seniors Need To Know About Smart TVs

Five Things Seniors Need To Know About Smart TVs

“Have you purchased a new television in the last five years or so? Welcome to the world of smart televisions! Entertainment devices once had unique and simple functions: play songs and news, display TV shows, download email, or make phone calls. The TV was only as smart as the person holding the remote needed it to be. Today, about 70 percent of all TVs sold are ‘smart’, and Americans over age 50 are watching the most TV on them. This month, we offer five things caregivers, home care aides and loved ones need to know when encountering smart TVs for the first time.”

May 2019: Seniors, Pollen and Allergies

Seniors Pollen and Allergies

“May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, but anyone who’s been outside in San Diego this year is more than aware of the pollen situation. Thanks to this year’s bumper crop of pollen-producing flowers, grasses, and weeds, the symphony of sneezing, sniffing and sinus swelling is inescapable. Seasonal allergies affect people of all ages, but caregivers in San Diego should be concerned about the impact that allergies and asthma can have on seniors. Adult-onset allergies are becoming common, and five to ten percent of all allergy sufferers are elderly. People can develop allergies at any age, but in seniors the symptoms are often obscured by other health issues. If you’re giving home care in San Diego, you should know the symptoms and solutions to seasonal allergies in seniors.”

August 2019: Seniors and Heat Safety

Casa Companion Seniors Heat Safety

“Summer is the season of long days, endless sunshine, and cool treats. We’ve trained ourselves to put on sunblock and a hat to protect against the sun but sunburn isn’t the only danger lurking outdoors in the summer. Extremely hot weather poses a risk to everyone, but seniors should take particular care to stay cool. This month, we help seniors and caregivers in San Diego understand the risks high temperatures pose and the best ways to endure them.”


October 2019: Liver Cancer Awareness For Seniors

Casa Companion Home Care Liver Cancer Awareness

“October 2019 is Liver Cancer Awareness Month. The American Liver Foundation wants to “encourage people who are at risk of liver cancer to follow up with their doctors and get proper ongoing screening for this, one of the deadliest forms of cancer.” Primary liver cancer, which originates in the liver, has tripled in frequency since 1980, and the awareness campaign is focusing on early detection. Seniors and caregivers in San Diego may not realize that the early stages of liver cancer are subtle and easy to miss. Older patients and home care companions for seniors, especially those exposed to hepatitis in their youth, need to know the risk factors, signs and symptoms of liver cancer.”