We focus on gift giving in December, but it’s appropriate any time of year to recognize and delight caregivers in San Diego. We’ve collected a list of businesses local to San Diego and Southern California that offer useful, clever and thoughtful gifts for the elderly in home care and the companion caregivers in their lives. These seven businesses, whether small, medium or large, will enhance home care in San Diego, inside and out! Happy Holidays!

  1. Eat Clean Meal Prep San Diego, We take the hard work out of healthy eating by delivering flavorful, nutritious meal prep
    • “We offer meal prep in San Diego that’s not just healthy; it’s delicious. Say goodbye to expensive, caloric take out and sad desk lunches. Instead, say hello to our food prep that is:
      • Healthy: Each meal is carefully planned for optimal nutrition. We use all-natural ingredients, such as organic fruit, organic vegetables and lean meats and vegetarian proteins.
      • Tasty & Flavorful: Here, healthy doesn’t mean bland. At Eat Clean Meal Prep, ingredients are prepared to be delicious AND good for you.
      • Easy & Convenient: We put in all the work beforehand, so meals are super-fast and easy for you. Simply pop open ready-to-eat meals, like salads, or heat up hot meals in the microwave.
      • Eco – Friendly Packaging: Recyclable and compostable containers
    • Why? Eating well is important all year long, but proper nutrition can be difficult for seniors and caregivers. This meal prep service that delivers delicious, convenient almost meals – what a gift!
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  2. Temecula Olive Oil Company, Founded with pride in Temecula, California in 2001
    • “Our knowledge, strict standards and passionate commitment are your assurance that every California olive oil product you buy is the very best we can make. From the start, we made a commitment to use only 100% California olive fruit of the highest quality and never use chemicals or heat treatments of any kind. On our California olive oil ranch (blessed with an ideal Mediterranean climate) we practice sustainable agriculture and grow and harvest a wide variety of olives to bring you our unique blends of California olive oils. That’s the only way we can ensure the full, fresh, rich flavor of our pure Extra Virgin California Olive Oils year after year. As a family-owned and operated business we take great pride in every California olive oil product we produce. We hope they are not only a reflection of our devotion to family, friends, food and health, but that they also enhance your enjoyment of life.
    • Why? Olive oil is a healthy fat, full of antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and possibly prevents weight gain, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease and cancer!
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  3. San Diego Hat Company, The Official Headwear of the San Diego Tourism Authority
    • “A passion for world travel and an enduring love for hats led to the creation of the Original Cotton Crochet Hat that launched San Diego Hat Company during a trip to Bali, Indonesia in 1993. Initially based out of a San Diego garage, the founders’ dreams of bringing together design, material, and craftsmanship has led to our new 50,000-square-foot facility located in Carlsbad, CA, with worldwide distribution at major department stores and more than 3,000 specialty boutiques. Over the years our company’s original focus has not changed: to provide our customers with their FAVORITE headwear and accessories each season.”
    • Why? Sun protection is crucial in a city with weather as beautiful as ours. Anyone giving or receiving San Diego home care should wear a hat while outside in the sun, why not make it a stylish one?
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  4. The Sash Bag, Where Function Meets Fashion
    • “Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. Sash Bags let you keep all your daily necessities at your fingertips without weighing you down. Our ergonomic, 10-pocket design feels like you’re not carrying anything, but you’ll have everything you need. You will seriously wonder where this bag has been all your life and you’ll never go back to a regular purse again!”
    • Why? The giant purse that holds everything but the kitchen sink and weighs five or more pounds is a liability for the active senior or the busy caregiver. This hands-free wonder bag of many compartments is the ideal solution.
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  5. Coola Suncare, Healthy Suncare You’ll Love To Wear
    • “COOLA is the quintessential slice of California life. We embody the best parts of living here: a fusion of organic wellness, an outdoor, active lifestyle, and supporting local and diverse communities—passions we want to share with you through our products. Our dedicated team works out of a collaborative, art-filled office in southern California where we can be true to our mission and lifestyle. At COOLA, we choose the most innovative, scientifically advanced ingredients that are also as natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced as can be.”
    • Why? We often mention in our blogs that seniors typically deal with health issues and diseases that require medication, that multiple medications can interact with one another, and that the side effects can mimic or mask the symptoms of other conditions. We know sun protection is very important, but is it worth adding more chemicals to the senior body? Natural and organic sun care is the answer.
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  6. Mr. B’s Necessities, All-natural bath and body hand-crafted in the USA, Family Owned Since 2012
    • “We are Shem and Lara Gott, the husband/wife team who started Mr. B’s Necessities. The idea to make pure, sustainable, plant-based bath and body products came when we started using our son’s baby food jars to make essential oil candles way back in 2012. We loved the fresh smell of these aromatherapy candles so much that we figured others might too. We were right! Please explore our website, join our emailing list, check out our Instagram, visit our shop or just leave an encourage message and tell us what you think. Cheers!”
    • Why? Self-care and wellness are rarely priorities for all of us, and especially family caregivers providing home care in San Diego. The all-natural candles, aromatherapy and bath and body products are a little oasis of self-care in a caregiver’s day.
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  7. See’s Candies, Quality Without Compromise
    • “For over 90 years, See’s Candies has been dedicated to making candy Mary See’s way. Only the finest, freshest ingredients are used in making each recipe. It’s quality you can taste in every piece. American made, famous for deliciousness, with the friendliest customer service—since 1921. Founded and headquartered in sunny California, See’s Candies has expanded from one candy shop to over 200 shops across America and a flourishing online store. Our commitment to tradition, taste, service and quality steadfastly remains. Mary would be proud.”
    • Why? It’s candy! And some of it is sugar-free, allergen-free or kosher-certified!
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