It’s Christmas Eve 2014, and if you don’t have all your gifts bought, wrapped and tagged by now, you’re probably panicking just a little. But you don’t want to just go out and buy the first thing you see at the mall, either – good Heavens, not the mall! – do you? So take advantage of the last refuge of the last-minute shopper, the Internet, and make a thoughtful, impactful donation in honor of your loved one to a worthy charity. These nine charities work with the seniors of San Diego to improve health, food security, and quality of life, and what better time of year than Christmas to support their goals and share the love?Christmas Gifts

Meals on Wheels Greater San Diego
Mission: “To support the independence and well-being of seniors. Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc. is committed to reducing the isolation experienced by so many elderly. Meals are delivered to seniors’ homes by volunteers. Frequently the volunteer may be the only person the senior sees all day, providing human contact and a safety net, particularly for those seniors living alone.”
Charity Navigator Rating: 88.03 / 100
Donate Online?: Yes or buy an item on their Wish List

OASIS San Diego
Mission: “Founded in 1982, The OASIS Institute is an educational organization designed to enhance the quality of life for mature adults. Offering challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness, technology and volunteer service, the Institute creates opportunities for older adults to continue their personal growth and provide meaningful service to the community. We strengthen communities by providing lifelong learning and service opportunities that inspire diverse audiences of mature adults to pursue vibrant, healthy, productive and meaningful lives.”
Charity Navigator Rating: National Organization rated 94.84/100, San Diego chapter not rated separately
Donate Online: Yes

National Alzheimer’s Association, San Diego Chapter
Mission: “To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.”
Charity Navigator Rating: National Organization rated 90.73/100, San Diego chapter not rated separately
Donate Online: Yes

Feeding America SD
Mission: “FASD serves seniors experiencing food insecurity in the City Heights and Escondido areas through its Feeding Seniors initiative. Multiple senior living facilities receive fresh produce, bread, and staple items to meet the needs of older adults.”
Charity Navigator Rating: National Organization rated 94.18/100, San Diego chapter not rated separately
Donate Online: Yes

The San Diego Senior Games
Mission: “Encourage senior adults, aged 50 or older, to carry on vigorous lives by developing and maintaining high levels of physical activity and mental fitness through regular participation in sports, fitness, and health education activities.”
Charity Navigator Rating: Too small to be rated, revenue less than $1 million.
Donate Online: Yes

Local But Unrated

Angel’s Depot
Mission: “To provide food for the elderly poor living in San Diego County and to help improve the quality of their lives. Further, the mission is to promote community awareness and support for impoverished seniors and to act as a conduit to other available senior resources.”
Charity Navigator Rating: Too small to be rated, revenue less than $1 million.
Donate Online: Yes, via PayPal

More on the Menu
Mission: “More on the Menu (MOM) is a non-pro¬fit program that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to San Diego’s most vulnerable seniors, those who are homebound, isolated, and on a low ¬fixed income.”
Charity Navigator Rating: Not rated, local to San Diego. Part of the City of San Diego’s Live Well San Diego program, supported by Jimbo’s…Naturally!, among other San Diego businesses.
Donate Online: Yes

ElderHelp of San Diego
Mission: “ElderHelp provides personalized services and information that help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes.”
Charity Navigator Rating: 74.5/100
Donate Online: No, but you can shop online while supporting them. Or buy items from their Wish List.

Southern Caregiver Resource Center
Mission: “The mission of Southern Caregiver Resource Center is to help families and communities master the challenges of caring for adults with chronic and disabling conditions.” As Christine Davies, Managing Director of Casa Companion Homecare Solutions says, “They are the only non-profit that directly supports the caregiver.”
Charity Navigator Rating: Local, not rated. Funded by grants from the California State Department of Health Care Services, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, Aging and Independence Services, as well as private foundations and donations.
Donate Online: Yes