Casa Best of Blog 2015 (1)All year long, we do our best to bring you relevant, vital and useful information that you can use. Whether your goal is to care for your loved one, be a better caregiver or homecare companion, or live a more active life, we want to support you. We blog on a variety of topics, in a handful of categories, that we think will bring the most value to you and the time you spend with us. Now, as we look back at 2015, here are the top four blog posts we offered you this year, based on your feedback. We are always looking to improve what we do here, so if you have some ideas on what you’d like to see in 2016, please tell us on our Facebook page!

  • Your number one ‘Caregivers 101’ blog post, from July, is “Seniors, Vertigo and the Vestibular System.” ‘Caregivers 101’ is the category we use to discuss the medical conditions, diseases and physical issues that seniors, caregivers and homecare companions encounter. Browse our other Caregiver 101 blogs on our website.
  • Your number one ‘Caregivers Cheat Sheet’ blog post, from September, is “Seniors Vs Scammers”, a handy cheat sheet on the top scams that criminals are trying to pull on seniors, and how you can spot them. ‘Caregivers Cheat Sheet’ is the category we use to provide current and relevant financial, lifestyle and personal information that we think you should know about. Our topics this year ranged from RMDs to cutting the cable cord, so browse all the ‘Caregivers Cheat Sheet’ posts to get caught up.
  • Your number one ‘Aging In San Diego’ blog post, from October, is “Daughterhood Launches In San Diego Part I”, our story about the caregiver community our Founder and Managing Director Christine Lee brought to life in San Diego this year. You can read Part II of the Daughterhood San Diego launch story, as well as all the other ‘Aging in San Diego’ stories from 2015, on our website.
  • And finally, your number one ‘Seniors In The News’ story, from June, is “Dreams Big and Small” which featured three nonagenarians hitting goals and fulfilling dreams. ‘Seniors In The News’ is the most whimsical category we post in, and we’ve shared plenty of great stories this year, from the jewel thief, to the track and field stars, to the performers, to the ones who think retirement is for other people. Read about all the other ‘Seniors In The News’ on our website.

We hope you enjoy revisiting some of your favorite blogs from Casa Companion Homecare Solution in 2015. We appreciate your interest and attention, and we’re looking forward to – and planning! – and a great 2016! Happy New Year!