Employment Opportunities

Become a Casa Companion

Caregiving isn’t just a job, it’s a calling. True care that comes from the heart isn’t something you do to earn a paycheck, it’s who you are at the core -it’s part of your DNA. Caregivers and Companion Specialists are truly special individuals that have the privilege and passion in making a difference in someone else’s life. It’s a source of pride to be able to serve another person and help them live a full life in the comfort of their own home.

At Casa Companion Homecare Solutions, we share that passion for service and the calling to care for others outside of ourselves.  We are a company with a higher purpose of giving back to the community.  Our vision is ‘To bring contentment to those we serve in the community by becoming the foremost customer-centric and community-focused homecare partner in San Diego with a reputation for delivering remarkable experiences.’

To achieve our vision of truly delivering contentment to those we serve in the community, we recruit and rely on our Casa Companion Specialiststo bring first class service and care to clients, and nothing less.  We require that our employees are genuinely committed to service and caring for their clients, will WOW their clients at every opportunity, and will fulfill our pledge to the community to be the foremost customer-centric homecare partner in San Diego.

We welcome you to apply to be a Casa Companion, and take part in serving clients and our larger community with a purpose driven company.

Why Casa Companion Homecare Solutions?

Because we are different.  Here are at least seven ways that we are different from the rest:


We are a small locally owned business with big aspirations looking to make an even bigger impact.  We aren’t one of the large national or international goliath franchises, and we built this business intentionally that way.  We never want to be the biggest, instead we strive to be known for providing the best service, with a reputation for delivering remarkable experiences.


We are blessed to live in America’s Finest City, and living in San Diego County affords us the ability to serve a diverse population.  As a woman/minority owned business, Casa Companion Homecare Solutions is committed to equally embracing the diverse backgrounds of our clients along with our Companion Specialists through our hiring practices.


We are available 24-hours, 7 days of the week, 365 days a year.  We pledge that commitment to our clients, and the same assurance is available to our Companion Specialists.  Whether it’s an emergency, or to discuss a concern, Casa Companion Homecare Solutions is responsive and supportive to those we consider as a core part of our business.


Not only do we provide support through our 24-hour availability, but the company invests heavily to ensure that Companion Specialists (and clients) have protection through bonding and insurance.  We modeled our business to have directly hired employees, not independent contractors or to be merely a referral service.  Sure, we could save thousands upon thousands of dollars per year to operate under a different model, particularly in California due to the high costs associated with workers compensation insurance, bonding coverage, etc.  But we are about doing what’s best and what’s right for our employees and our clients.  Rest assured that you are protected.


Companion Specialists care for others as their profession, but they also care for their own families and homes outside of work. We recognize that we all have meaningful lives and passions that extend beyond the workplace. We can offer the flexibility in scheduling needed to enable the balance with work and life by offering full-time, part-time, and live-in arrangements. We are a purpose driven company with a higher purpose of connecting back to the people of our community through service, and we promote employees of the Company to share in that effort. Therefore, the company also offers paid time off for volunteering with eligible charitable organizations in the community. Our vision is to bring contentment to those we serve, and that includes a commitment to our Companion Specialists and their happiness.


The formula is simple – engaged employees are satisfied and productive Companion Specialists which leads to creating remarkable experiences and that equals happy clients receiving exceptional service.  The Founder of Casa Companion Homecare Solutions was a former Human Resources professional with an SPHR certification and a Master degree in Human Resources.  We understand employee engagement and positive organizational development.  We strive to have the most engaged employees in homecare by providing career development progression opportunities by availing multiple levels of Companions and pay, we offer ongoing training to continue to advance skills particularly in specialized areas such personal care and Alzheimer’s and Dementia care training, provide financial and intrinsic rewards, and much more.

At the core of engagement is being treated with respect.  Prior to starting care, clients sign a service agreement and part of that agreement is to subscribe to the respectful treatment of employees including no verbal, written or any other type of harassment.  A successful homecare business is built on nurturing relationships, and that starts with our Companion Specialists.

Requirements to be a Casa Companion

We love certifications and hands-on experience, but there are certain characteristics that just can’t be trained.  We are incredibly selective of who we choose to provide care to our clients because we want to protect our culture of service.  We are passionate about our mission, vision, and values and will only accept champions of our core beliefs.  Here’s what most important to getting through the door at Casa Companion Homecare Solutions and starting a rewarding livelihood:

  • A strong passion for caring and serving others
  • Patience and compassion for working with people aiming for independence
  • Pride in themselves and the service they provide
  • A positive attitude and disposition
  • Strong moral character and high standards for ethical and honest behavior,
    particularly important when serving the senior community
  • A commitment to complete client satisfaction by championing and exemplify the mission, vision and principles of Casa Companion Homecare Solutions

Other minimum requirements

  • A minimum of one year of experience in a homecare setting, assisted living facility or nursing facility caring for adults and seniors.
  • Must have reliable transportation along with evidence of a valid driver’s license and auto insurance in order to satisfy assignments in a dependable and prompt manner.
  • TB Test within one year or a chest x-ray within 5 years
  • Current CPR Card
  • Negative drug screen
  • Satisfactorily pass an extensive criminal background investigation and motor vehicle driving record
  • Agreeable professional and personal reference checks
  • Satisfactory completion of pre-employment behavioral and personality assessment