1. Culture And Horticulture In San Diego

    This month, San Diego offers a slew of ways to celebrate the new year, and the debut of the spring season. You can celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Vietnamese holiday Tet one weekend and walk among the blooming flowers of Spring the next few weekends. Caregivers, home care aides and loved ones can enjoy both culture and horticulture this month in San Diego. Chinese New Year Celebration What:…Read More

  2. Social Robots: Seniors And Technology

    Baby Boomers have been changing the game since the day they were born, and with every milestone they passed. They have demanded newer, better, and more all their lives, and as they move into their senior years, they aren’t settling. Technology is a perfect example, because they’re forcing the world to do better yet again, and seniors of all ages are benefiting from the pressure they exert. We…Read More

  3. National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day: Caregivers 101

    On February 22, 2018, National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day will shed light on a condition that affects seniors more than any other age group. The month of February is typically devoted to heart disease, and awareness of heart valve disease often gets overshadowed. However, nearly 5 million American suffer from heart valve disease, whose severity can range from a manageable condition the doct…Read More

  4. Top 4 Questions From Seniors At Tax Time: Caregiver Cheat Sheet

    Tax season is upon us already, with new rules, exemptions, and limits for your 2017 return. Even if you have been a tax return ninja all your working life, the ‘over 65’ tax return presents different challenges than the ones you know. Caregivers and loved ones who are tackling the ‘senior’ return for the first time should know that there are some limits, conditions and exceptions that appl…Read More

  5. Three Places To Catch Some Culture In San Diego This Month

    When you think of San Diego, beautiful beaches, surfing and sunshine come to mind. But we’re America’s Finest City, and that means we’re more than a place to catch rays, fish, and waves. This month, caregivers, home care aides and loved ones can all enjoy the cultural experiences San Diego has to offer. Egyptian tapestries at Botanic Garden through March 31st What: tapestries from the Ramese…Read More

  6. Seven Centenarian Long-Life Secrets: Seniors In The News

    They say the first person who will live to age 150 has already been born, and the group of people who make it into the centenarian club grows bigger all the time. As more and more people achieve the milestone of living past age 100, the rest of us want to know their secret to longevity. Lucky for us, centenarians love nothing more than giving advice about how they reached the big milestone. As car…Read More

  7. Caregivers 101: Thyroid Awareness Month

    January is Thyroid Awareness Month. The thyroid is part of the endocrine system, and can be described as the engine that provides the energy your body needs, controlling the speed at which your body operates. The pituitary gland is the gas pedal that tells the thyroid to produce the hormones that fuel the performance of all the cells in your body. When these two glands miscommunicate or misfire, m…Read More

  8. Caregiver Cheat Sheet: New Year’s Financial Resolutions

    Nearly half of all Americans make at least one New Year’s resolution, which is typically a vow to quit smoking, lose weight or start exercising. A quarter of these resolutions go out the window within a week, and more than half bite the dust by the end of June. Plans to reduce debt, spend less money and use money more wisely are among the top ten popular pledges, and this month we’re bringing …Read More

  9. Aging In San Diego California: Holiday Delights Part II

    San Diego natives have special traditions in December: taking frost-bitten relatives to the beach, visiting the snow atop Mount Laguna, and marveling at the profusion of wildflowers blooming in Anza-Borrego. But San Diego really goes all out for the December holidays with marine life, zoo life, carnivals, balloons, and even ice skating all putting their Christmas on! In the next few weeks, caregiv…Read More

  10. Seniors In The News: The Greatest Generation Keeps Giving Back

    This month, we bring you stories of California and California-famous seniors who can’t stop living inspiring lives. These octogenarian, nonagenarian and super-centenarian stars lived long, happy lives after surviving World War II, but now they are using that formative time in their lives to benefit others. Caregivers, home care aides and loved ones will agree that these seniors are stirring role…Read More