1. Aging In San Diego / California: Holiday Delights Part I

    San Diego is a wonderful place to live all year long, but it really shines during the holidays. Anyone who’s lived nearly anywhere else remembers the snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and inescapable shivering that comes along with turkey, family and presents. But we get to enjoy holiday delights all around San Diego County under blue skies, shining sun and crisp air, making the holiday season t…Read More

  2. Seniors In The News: Ocean, Ink and Motion

    This month, we bring you stories of some seniors who have made their mark on the world, and in one case, on other people’s skin. These seniors are serving their communities and the world at large by inspiring those around them. Caregivers, home care aides and loved ones alike can appreciate the example these unstoppable seniors are setting. Last month, San Diego and ocean lovers from around the …Read More

  3. Caregivers 101: National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

    November, the month when our holiday and our family celebrations revolve around food, is National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. Once the leading cause of cancer death in the United States, stomach cancer will still cause nearly 11,000 deaths this year in the United States alone. Also called gastric cancer, it is still the third leading cause of cancer death around the world. Primarily diagnosed …Read More

  4. Caregiving in San Diego: Daughterhood San Diego’s Second Anniversary Part II

    Last week, in Part I of Caregiving in San Diego: Daughterhood San Diego’s Second Anniversary, we celebrated the second anniversary of a ground-breaking new community for caregivers in San Diego: Daughterhood San Diego. This week, we’ll learn why the Daughterhood circle is special to those who belong. Daughterhood as a concept and an organization dates to early 2015, when Anne Tumlinson, a Wash…Read More

  5. Caregiving in San Diego: Daughterhood San Diego’s Second Anniversary Part I

    Caregiving is both a vocation and an avocation for many women and men who find themselves caring for the parents, relatives or children who need them. Caregivers in San Diego have access to resources and support through the County of San Diego, through philanthropic organizations, and through local hospitals and foundations. Two local women brought their vision of another kind of group to the care…Read More

  6. Seniors And Technology: Robot Cars

    Self-driving cars have long been a staple of both futuristic sci-fi and laments about how the promises of The Jetsons never came to fruition. Minority Report, a movie based on a Philip K. Dick short story and starring Tom Cruise, used self-driving cars as a backdrop for an exciting but far-fetched chase scene. In 2002, when the movie was released, the self-driving cars and the traffic lanes positi…Read More

  7. Caregivers 101: World Thrombosis Day

    October 13 is World Thrombosis Day, observed around the world to raise awareness of the dangers of blood clots in people of all ages. Around the world, a person dies every 6 minutes from a blood clot, and adults over 60 are at the greatest risk falling prey to this silent killer. Blood clots in the lungs, brain and legs affect nearly 600,000 Americans each year, and 10 to 15 percent of those die e…Read More

  8. Caregivers Cheat Sheet: The Pros and Perils of the Telecom Bundle

    We are connected to one another in ways we rarely think about when life is business-as-usual. Whether you’re a caregiver, a home care aide or a senior, access to a phone, television and/or the internet is crucial to quality of life. In a disaster, reliable communication is a lifeline to information, rescue, and recovery. Recent hurricanes, wildfires, and floods in the news remind us that we can…Read More

  9. Aging In San Diego / California: Fall Foodie Fun

    San Diego’s foodies are gearing up for a big month. Restaurant Week is around the corner, and some of San Diego’s biggest food festivals happen this month. Caregivers, home care aides and loved ones can all enjoy the family-style food fun in September and October in San Diego. This Saturday, September 23rd, the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club and the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s Osuna Committee…Read More

  10. Seniors In The News: True Grit

    This week we bring you three stories of seniors who are great role models for tenacity, grace and wonder. A pair of California centenarians who just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary, La Jolla seniors who are online pros, and a woman who turned her Alzheimer’s diagnosis into a gift for others are all inspiring us this week. Caregivers, home care aides and loved ones can all admire the re…Read More