1. Aging In San Diego / California: Fall Foodie Fun

    San Diego’s foodies are gearing up for a big month. Restaurant Week is around the corner, and some of San Diego’s biggest food festivals happen this month. Caregivers, home care aides and loved ones can all enjoy the family-style food fun in September and October in San Diego. This Saturday, September 23rd, the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club and the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s Osuna Committee…Read More

  2. Seniors In The News: True Grit

    This week we bring you three stories of seniors who are great role models for tenacity, grace and wonder. A pair of California centenarians who just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary, La Jolla seniors who are online pros, and a woman who turned her Alzheimer’s diagnosis into a gift for others are all inspiring us this week. Caregivers, home care aides and loved ones can all admire the re…Read More

  3. Caregivers 101: Seniors And Heart Disease Part II

    Last week, in Seniors and Heart Disease Part I, we discussed the various ways that heart disease can impact the health and independence of the human body. Heart disease most commonly targets those over 65, and while some congenital conditions can affect women and men of any age, seniors should be the most alert to the risk factors of heart disease. Aging affects the body in ways that raise the ris…Read More

  4. Caregivers 101: Seniors And Heart Disease Part I

    World Heart Day, September 29, 2017, has your heart health in mind. The human heart is the hardest working organ in the body, pumping 72 times per minute circulate the blood through the body. Our pumping blood moves oxygen, glucose, and nutrients through the arteries, veins and capillaries to the organs, and then moves waste products like carbon dioxide and other toxins in reverse for disposal. Ov…Read More

  5. Caregiver Cheat Sheet: Summer Scams, Online Edition

    Summer is time to relax in the real world, but caregivers, home care aides and loved ones need to stay alert when exploring online. Whether you’re an online ninja, or a digital newbie, there are scams to watch out for! Here’s a late summer update on the latest cons and ploys online crooks are using to put a bummer on your summer! Malware: Around the world, 3.7 billion people use email, and one…Read More

  6. Aging In San Diego / California: Those Summer Nights

    Summer sizzles in San Diego, and at night it's still en fuego. Don't miss these fun events all around San Diego for families, seniors, and salsa fanatics. The San Diego Botanical Garden really shines in the summertime, and they want all of San Diego to see it. They offer two programs for families in the summer that you can take advantage of through the rest of the summer. First, Thursday Family Fu…Read More

  7. Seniors in the News: Cool As Heck

    The nature of inspiration has changed over time, as ‘seniors’ today break barriers and set records all the time. The old rules of aging don’t seem to apply anymore, as these seniors demonstrate. This week’s seniors are taking their ‘never before’, ‘no one like me’ style to the streets of San Diego and beyond. All around us, centenarians are achieving great things, things that previ…Read More

  8. Caregivers 101: Seniors and Fungal Disease

    August 14-18, 2017 is America’s first Fungal Disease Awareness Week, organized by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) to spread the word about serious fungal diseases. If your first thought of fungi is mushrooms and a pretty lame pun, then you’re not informed about the fungal diseases that lurk in the environment, in our immune systems, and in hospitals. Caregivers, home care aides and loved…Read More

  9. Caregiver Cheat Sheet: Summer Scams, Car Edition

    Summer may be a time to relax in San Diego for caregivers, home care aides and loved ones, but those sneaky, pesky scammers never take a day off! Whether you’re hitting the road or staying at home this summer, scams and scammers are out there! Here’s our mid-year, mid-summer update on the latest ways scammers are using your car to put a bummer on your summer!       Whether you’re travel…Read More

  10. Aging In San Diego / California: Mid-Summer Fun

    San Diego is a great place to live year-round for caregivers, home care aides and loved ones, but summer brings out the best in America’s Finest City. This month, you can enjoy the best of bugs in Encinitas, tutoring from teenagers in La Jolla, and the gourmet delights of Downtown Encinitas. Entomophobes may disagree, but the San Diego Botanic Garden’s Insect Festival is the place to be for sc…Read More